Since 2013-2014, the enrolment of new pupils is subordinate to the new enrolment decree. Each youngster has the right to enroll in a school of his/her choice and all Flemish schools strive to attain a socially representable mix. The students are registered chronologically.

Enrolment for the 1st year*

  • from 5th till 16th March 2018 and from 26th March 2018 onwards
  • every school day from 09.00 – 12.00 and from 13.30 – 16.30

Enrolment for the 2nd till the  7th  year*

  • every school day from 16th April 2018 onwards between 09.00-12.00 and 13.30-16.30

Information days

  • Sat 10th March 2018: 13.30-18.00
    Info session for 1st year pupils; possibility to enroll at viio Borgloon and viio Tongeren (1st grade only!)

  • Sun 6nd May 2018
    Open house at viio Tongeren 1st an 2nd grade - spike (athletic event)from 13.30-18.00
  • Mon 7nd May 2018
    Info session at viio Borgloon from 19.00 onwards
  • Sat 23th June 2018
    viio Tongeren: enrolment session for 1st year pupils from 13.30-17.00
    viio Borgloon: enrolment session for 1st year pupils from 10.00-13.00


Enrolment during summer vacation

  • From 1st July 2018 till 10th July 2018 between 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00
  • From 16h August 2018 till 31st August 2018 between 09.00-12.00 and 13.00-16.00

Realization and completion of enrolment:

  • After handing in a copy of the pupil’s ID or birth-certificate;
  • After handing in a copy of your report card from the 6th year of primary school and/or an attestation of completion of primary school;
  • After your parent’s acceptance of our school’s mission;
  • After fulfilling the conditions of admission.

 * At viio Borgloon, enrolment for all years is possible from 5th March 2018 onwards.

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